Essential Skincare Routine For Women Using Makeup

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A number of women all over the world have a number of myths about wearing make-up. Some of them dread wearing make-up since they have always been told that make-up is bad for the skin. However, this is not true in actuality, as women wearing make-up simply have to make sure that they follow certain skincare tips. Makeup improves the appearance of a woman and gives them a great look. So, instead of abandoning makeup women must adhere to these skincare tips whenever they want to wear makeup.


Women need to make sure that they cleanse their face thoroughly prior to wearing makeup. This is because it is essential to remove any dirt or dust that may be lying on the face. Similarly, removing excessive oil is important as well, since, otherwise, it could clog the pores after the makeup has been worn.


Moisturizing the face is also important prior to wearing makeup. If a makeup is worn without moisturizing the face then it will appear quite unnatural; however, makeup will sit excellently on a thoroughly moisturized face.

Remove Makeup

Now, this is one of the most important things that a woman wearing makeup needs to pay attention to. They need to make sure that the makeup is removed at night before they go to sleep; otherwise, it could wreak havoc on the skin. It is during the night time that the skin refreshes and rejuvenates itself. However, if the makeup is allowed to sit during the night the skin won’t get any space to refresh itself. This is the reason why women who don’t remove the makeup at night suffer from frequent occurrences of breakouts and other skin problems.


Serum is necessary to be used for women wearing makeup since they are in dire need of some source that could provide them with additional moisture. They need to get additional quantity of moisture to make sure that the makeup doesn’t make their skin dry and vulnerable to other skin problems. So, face oil or serum is a must for women wearing makeup.

Night Cream

As it has already been pointed out, skin makes the most of the night time in order to repair itself from the damage that it might have faced during the day. So, if an appropriate night cream is used, it will further allow the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself in a better way during the night.

Day Cream

Day cream with SPF value is important to be worn as it will help in minimizing the damage caused by the harmful radiations of the sun. So, one must always use day cream while wearing the makeup.


Exfoliation is must for women who want to wear makeup. The process of exfoliation makes sure that the dead skin cells are sloughed off. So, this will provide a clear and clean base for the makeup to sit comfortably on the face.

Eye Cream

The area under the eyes is very delicate and sensitive; so, it is mandatory to ensure its appropriate hydration. Hence, women must apply an eye cream prior to wearing makeup.

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