Expert Tips To Prevent Drying Of Skin In Winter

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Winter brings a number of problems for women, especially related to their skin. They are always happy to get rid of the scorching heat, but meanwhile, they are also not able to understand the reason behind the occurrence of so many problems. So, here are some of the expert tips that could not only explain the reason of various skin problems but also help women prevent drying of skin in winter.

Go For Lukewarm Water Bath Only

People have a general tendency to use hot water while taking bath. Women too are not an exception. Hot water does soothe one’s muscles and helps in alleviating stress to a certain extent; however, the negative effects that it has on the skin far outweigh the positive effects that it brings. Hot water gets rid of the moisture from the body and leaves the skin completely dry. Furthermore, it significantly disturbs pH balance of the skin as well. Epidermic layer of the skin also gets damaged. So, one must always stick to using lukewarm water, as it not only keeps the skin supple but also keeps it hydrated.

Say No To Soaps

Soaps contain large amount of detergent actually, and their use gets rid of the oils, lipids, and good bacteria from the skin. Our skin basically comprises of both bad as well as good bacteria. The function of good bacteria is to produce antibiotics, which, in turn, get rid of the bad bacteria. However, application of soap kills good bacteria, thereby disturbing the delicate balance as well.

Say No To Harsh Scrub

Scrubbing the skin is pivotal in getting rid of the dead skin cells; however, using harsh scrub can do more harm than good. It completely dries out the skin actually, making the skin completely vulnerable to attack from the foreign particles. So, one must avoid using harsh scrub during winter, and always go for gentle scrub. Moreover, frequency of scrubbing should be reduced, and one should scrub the body just once or twice in a month, depending upon the condition of their skin.

Using Heavy Lotion

Arrival of winter means drying of the air. So, the atmosphere in which we live is void of moisture. So, in order to brace this condition effectively we must apply heavy dose of moisturizer on the skin. This modification is necessary to make sure our body is completely hydrated.

Exfoliating The Lips Prior To Applying Lip Balm

One problem that women have to face in winter is drying of the lips. This problem could be prevented by exfoliating the lips. While most women simply apply lip balm, the process doesn’t produce effective results. This is because the root cause of the problem is not addressed. So, one must exfoliate the lips prior to applying lip balm, so as to make sure that lip balm works effectively.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Most women simply skip wearing sunscreen on winter for no obvious reason. They fail to realize that the harmful UV rays of the sun are even more active in winter. So, one must make sure that they apply sunscreen at least one hour before going out of their house or office.

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