Proven Ways To Ensure Best Nurturing Of Coloured Hair

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People have a number of options nowadays to take care of their skin and hair. So much so, that they are spoilt for choices. However, in their craze for looking utterly gorgeous people should not forget that some hair care products can do more harm than good. So, there is a dire need to choose the products appropriately. Moreover, while choosing to colour the hair, people must go for the colour that lead to less hair fall. Moreover, the content of the products must be carefully seen, as there are a lot of products containing harmful ingredients; ammonia, for example, is commonly present in hair colours, and this is the chemical that is mainly responsible for bleaching of the hair. So, here are some tips to ensure best nurturing of coloured hair.


Among several ways that could ensure the best care for coloured hair is shampooing the hair in the correct manner. By this, what is implied is that one needs to limit the times they shampoo their hair. This is solely because too much shampooing takes away the natural oils from the hair. Moreover, the colour of the hair tends to fade faster in this case. Further, there are specific shampoos in the market that solely cater to the specific requirements of coloured hair. So, one needs to do certain research while selecting the appropriate shampoo.


Application of conditioner is the fundamental step in taking care of coloured hair, or any time of hair for that matter. This is because our hair is in continuous need of proper nourishment, and the conditioner provides the proper nourishment to hair. Moreover, in this case too, there are products that are specifically meant for coloured hair; so, while choosing conditioners one must incline towards buying these specific and high-quality products.

Oil Treatment

Oil is one of the most important elements for hair. This is because it is the ingredient that is responsible for retaining the moisture of the hair. Whenever oil is applied to the strands the moisture gets locked into them, thereby providing the proper nutrients to the hair, and preventing it from drying. Moreover, when oil is rubbed on the scalp and the hair strands, blood circulation increases tremendously; thereby facilitating in the healthy growth of hair. So, one must keep this in mind that application of oil once a week could really produce some incredible results at the end.


There are a number of shades available in the market which could help one don a stunning look. However, there are several shades that wreak havoc on hair; this is because they contain more chemicals that are lethal for the hair, and thus, they cause more damage to hair. One such shade that is not recommended by the experts is the red shade, as this leads to more hair fall than any other colour. Hence, one must choose their shade in the proper manner.


Choosing the right temperature to wash the colour after dying is another crucial step that ensures a good health of the hair. In this case, one must never opt to go with hot water since that takes away all the natural oils and leaves the hair vulnerable to drying. Hence, people with coloured water must go with lukewarm water to wash their hair.

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