The OROGOLD 24K CyrogeniC Series

The 24K CyrogeniC Collection has been designed to offer spectacular results in making the skin on your face and neck area look tighter and contoured. This collection consists of ingredients like Diamonds, Mother of Pearl, Gold, Caviar, Alpha Hydrox Acids and Green Tea. It helps you to revitalize your skin and give you a vibrant and healthy looking complexion. The products contained in the 24K CyrogeniC Collection include the 24K CryogeniC Restoration Cream, 24K CryogeniC Contour Eye Firming, 24K CryogeniC Pearl Revival Elixir, 24K CryogeniC Liquefying Pearl and the 24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask. The products of this collection should be used twice a month to complement your regular skin care routine.


24K CryogeniC Restoration Cream

The 24K CryogeniC Restoration Cream contains a hydrating and refreshing formula that is packed with a combination of amazing ingredients to leave you with beautiful and flawless looking skin. The creamy formula of this product spreads all over your skin and begins to form droplets of moisture on the surface of your skin. This makes the skin look more radiant and feel silky smooth. The key ingredients contained in the 24K CryogeniC Restoration Cream are Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Gold. To use this product, apply a small amount on your skin and gently massage in circular motions.

Cryogenic Restoration Cream DSC_4532

24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask

The 24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask offers you with a gel-like formula that is very lightweight and helps you to rejuvenate and hydrate dull and tired looking skin. Using this product as directed can reduce the appearance of skin inflammation and puffiness and boost your overall complexion. The main ingredients contained in the 24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask include Vitamin A, Avocado Oil, Gold, Sodium Hyaluronate, Caffeine and Seaweed Extracts. To use this product, use the spatula tool to remove some product from the container. Spread an even layer of the product on your skin, avoiding the eye area and the lips. Leave the mask on your skin for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.


24K CryogeniC Pearl Revival Elixir

The 24K CryogeniC Pearl Revival Elixir eliminates the appearance of dry and dull looking skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles from your skin. This formula brightens your overall complexion and offers long lasting results. The elixir contains Mother of Pearl in order to give your complexion a brighter and lighter appearance. To use the product, apply three drops to freshly cleansed face and massage with gentle circular motions.

Cryogenic Revival Elixir DSC_4473

24K CryogeniC Contour Eye Firming

The 24K CryogeniC Contour Eye Firming has been designed to offer a firmer look to your eye contours. This product helps the skin around your eye area by minimizing the appearance of aging and ensuring that the skin looks supple and hydrated. The ingredients contained in the 24K CryogeniC Contour Eye Firming can greatly reduce the intensity and appearance of dark circles as well. To use the product, use your ring finger to apply it to your eye area. Pay special attention to those under eye bags and wrinkles during product application.


24K CryogeniC Liquefying Pearl

The 24K CryogeniC Liquefying Pearl is one of the latest products designed by OROGOLD Cosmetics. It takes into account user reviews and offers you 12 bottles, each bottle designed for one month of usage. The product comes in a powder form which transforms into liquid when it comes in contact with your skin. Some of the ingredients used in product formulation include Vitamin C, Seaweed Extracts, Brown Algae, Seaweed, Pearl and Gold. The main advantages of using the 24K CryogeniC Liquefying Pearl are that it creates a nourished and tightened effect, makes the skin look luminous and diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In order to use the product, pour a small amount on your palms and rub it on your skin. When it comes in contact with your skin, it shall melt into a liquid. Pay special attention to the fine lines on your face.


Blogger Reviews for the 24K CyrogeniC Collection from OROGOLD Cosmetics

  1. The 24K CryogeniC Pearl Revival Elixir rejuvenates dull, dry skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” – Gabrielle Compolongo, Celebrity Beauty Secrets Examiner.
  2. The Exclusive OROGOLD 24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask revitalizes and exposes new fresher looking skin. Relax under the pleasant cooling sensation while the ingredients seep into the skin.” – Pittsburgh Better Times
  3. Go ahead and treat yourself to something that will make you feel special every day.” – Makeup Loves Me
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