Unearthing Three Unforeseen Reasons Responsible For Hair Damage

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Hair is the most important part of one’s body since it determines one’s personality. A person exudes in confidence if they have shining and fuller hair, and on the contrary people who don’t have good hair are often seen hiding from others. Their self-confidence gets certainly dented because of their hair. They may experience one or the other hair problems like continuous breaking of hair leading to baldness, split ends, dryness, and dandruff. All these problems affect the hair permanently in some cases, and people are left wondering what went wrong with their hair. They apply a number of hair products in their craze to look appealing, and get rid of these problems in the first place; however, in their craze they fail to locate the cause behind this condition of the hair. So, here are some unforeseen reasons that are primarily responsible for the damage of hair, since they lead to the occurrence of at least one hair problem, which then assumes alarming proportions in the long run. These problems are listed here.

Tying The Hair Tightly

Tying the hair tightly has been found out to be the major cause of hair damage actually. This is because when hair is pulled back tightly in order to make various sorts of hairstyles like tight braids, pony tail, or even high bun, hair follicles get damaged. Yanking the hair with force invariably affects their strength, and when this activity is done over a long period of time, the effects of damage on hair become more conspicuous. So, one must avoid such hairstyles which require tight pulling of the hair, and instead, go for the styles that require gentle pulling and braiding of the hair.

Excessive Use Of Hair Products

People are always looking to get great appearance. For this, they try whatever trick that comes to their mind, and with the proliferation of hair care products in the market, such vulnerable people are an obvious target of these companies promoting their products in the market. These products are infused with chemicals and promise to produce super-quick results. However, such conditioners, shampoos, gels, serums, etc. are good only when they are used in moderation, and whenever a person develops an obsession towards using these products wildly, they are sure to suffer from the harmful effects. The hair becomes brittle, unhealthy, and dry over time, and loses its shine and brilliance. So, it is always better if one uses these products cautiously, and as far as possible, go for the hair care products that use natural ingredients.

Excessive Use Of Heat Styling Gadgets

There are a number of hair-styling gadgets in the market that lure people into getting attractive hair. However, such devices like heat curlers, hair irons, etc. could cause permanent damage to the tresses, and incite the phenomenon of hair loss. The excessive heat emanating from these devices is wreaks havoc on the healthy cells of hair, and ultimately affects their normal growth. This is the reason behind the frequent hair loss experienced by a large proportion of people using such styling devices. So, people shouldn’t be obsessed with using such devices, and use them moderately.

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